Welcome to Anime Unscripted
Anime Unscripted™ is the premier improv event for anime conventions in the United States. Formerly known as "Whose Line is it Anime?", the event has been held dozens of times at more than a dozen different conventions.

The Anime Unscripted crew has hosted other events at conventions in a dozen states and two Canadian provinces. They regularly draw a large crowd and are always a highlight of people's memories of the convention.

This site is intended for convention organizers to answer questions you may have about the event and tell you how you can have this event (or other events we run) at your convention.

Upcoming Appearances

Anime Boston 2019
We will be at Anime Boston 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts. The convention runs April 19-21 at the Hynes Convention Center.

Featured Performance

Anime Unscripted was held on Friday evening at Anime Boston 2009. As part of this show, we introduced a new game called Powerpoint Roulette in which each participant had to explain slides in a Powerpoint presentation and relate it to the topic chosen by the audience: Brazil.