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What is Anime Unscripted?

Anime Unscripted™ is the premier improv event for fan conventions. Formerly known as “Whose Line is it Anime?”, the event has been held dozens of times at more than a dozen different conventions.

The Anime Unscripted crew has hosted other events at conventions in a dozen states and two Canadian provinces. They regularly draw a large crowd and are always a highlight of people’s memories of the convention.

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Anime Unscripted Crew

Sketch, Shiva, and Michele Knotz in Anime Unscripted at ConnectiCon 2010

The people behind Anime Unscripted are a collection of fans, cosplayers, and convention staffers who have been providing convention programming for over two decades.

Patrick Delahanty, the lead host of Anime Unscripted, is the founder of, the largest source for fan convention information.  He is the co-founder of Anime Boston and Providence Anime Conference. He held his first Anime Unscripted event at Mikkakan in 2001 and has run it at over four dozen conventions since then.

The other members of the Anime Unscripted crew are also known for their appearances on the AnimeCons TV and The Chibi Project podcasts.

Meet the Team

Delivers the Funny

This year’s Anime Unscripted was an uncontested hit. The sketches were fantastic, and everyone seemed to be absolutely thrilled to cut loose. If there were one complaint I could levy, it would be that the show seemed to end far too quickly.

Samantha Ferreira, Anime Herald

Another Hilarious Hit

As for panels, Anime Unscripted once again stole the show with another hilarious hit. … The entire panel was hilarious and the actors had a hard time keeping a straight face much like the audience.

C.J Maffris,

Loved, Loved, Loved

I had a fantastic time at my first ever PortCon. Loved the people, loved the attitude, loved participating in “Anime Unscripted,” … Would love to come back next year!

Guest of Honor Keith R.A. DeCandido, via Facebook