Programming for Your Convention

In addition to Anime Unscripted, members of AnimeCons TV and The Chibi Project have run events and panels on a variety of topics at fan conventions including:

  • Anime Unscripted
    • If you’re looking at this web site and reading this page, you’re probably interested in having Anime Unscripted at your convention. We would be more than happy to host the event at your convention. Anime Unscripted can be played either using the convention’s guests of honor (which usually works best because the audience already loves them) or people pulled from the audience (in the event the convention doesn’t have many guests willing to participate).  The event is hosted by Patrick Delahanty.


  • Hyakunin Kuizu
    • This is our version of Family Feud and was an instant success the first time we ran it. We can fit up to 20 contestants into a one hour time block to give lots of people the thrill of participating. The audience enjoys playing along as well and this results in a great game show event that everyone enjoys being a part of.  The event is hosted by Jekka Cormier and tech is operated by Patrick Delahanty.


  • All About Anime Cons
    • As a founder and the retired chairman of one of the ten largest anime conventions in North America, the creator of and, and having attended more conventions than he can remember, Patrick has seen quite a bit of the convention scene. He has put together a presentation on what goes into running an anime convention to help others start their own…or talk them out of it after they realize it’s not as simple as they may think.  (If requested, the panel can be adapted to discuss all fan conventions and not just anime cons.) The panel runs for 60 minutes and other current for former convention chairs are invited to join the panel.


  • Other Panels
    • Patrick has also hosted panels on topics such as podcasting, web sites, .hack, and cosplay. Other members of AnimeCons TV and The Chibi Project have hosted panels on cosplay, Gundam, conventions, and many other topics.


  • Costume Contest Judging
    • As an award-winning cosplayer, Patrick has been a masquerade or costume contest judge at conventions such as Anime Expo, ConnectiCon, BAMCon, and Mikkakan.


Jekka operating a laptop for Anime Unscripted

Technical Requirements

Anime Unscripted requires:

  • 60 to 90 minutes in main events or a large panel room
  • contestants (4 voice actor guests would be highly recommended, if available…otherwise we can use audience members)
  • 5 chairs (one for each contestant, one for host)
  • 1 podium, desk, or table (for the host)
  • 1 microphone at the desk (for large rooms)
  • wireless microphones or headsets (one for each contestant, for large rooms)
  • a projector/screen with HDMI input (and cables)
  • we will handle everything else (props, buzzer, etc.)

Hyakunin Kuizu requires:

  • 60 minutes in a panel room with 30 minutes of setup before the show
  • a projector/screen with HDMI input (and cables)
  • an audio cable to plug into a headphone jack
  • microphones (at least one wireless or with a long cord)
  • 10 chairs with five chairs pushed to each side, one small table in the middle
  • Jekka. If you don’t have a Jekka available, we have one that can be provided at reasonable expense.

All other panels require:

  • 60 minutes in a panel room
  • a projector/screen with HDMI input (and cables)
  • microphones (recommended in a large room, optional otherwise)
  • we will handle everything else

If you have questions about our tech requirements at your convention, please ask.

Jekka hosting Anime Unscripted at Anime Boston

Travel Information

While we’d love to come out to every convention that wants us, we aren’t rich. We simply cannot afford to go to all the conventions that would like to have us. However, don’t write us off just yet! We might already be considering going to your convention anyway…and complimentary guest passes could seal the deal. If we weren’t planning to attend your con, maybe we would if you ask us.

Unfortunately, the only way to guarantee that we’ll be able to attend your convention (assuming the date isn’t already booked) would be to offer to cover our travel and hotel costs. We realize that not every convention can afford to do this, so contact us and maybe we can work something out.

Also, to be clear about our expectations, we expect to be given complimentary convention badges and a hotel room. If you’re inviting several of us, we’d be willing to share a hotel room with each other (up to 4 per room), but we are not comfortable sharing a room with anyone that we do not personally know.

Please note that we will not list your event on our web site or talk about it on social media until after all details are worked out. If you want us to hold off longer — until you can make a formal announcement — let us know.

Greg Ayres and Patrick Delahanty at Anime Unscripted

Can we do it without you?

Of course you’re welcome to run your own improv event, game show, or panel without us, but we ask that you refrain from using the unique names of our events that we’re known for.  Please don’t name your events after our events, panels, and podcasts “Anime Unscripted”, “Hyakunin Kuizu”, “All About Anime Cons”, “AnimeCons TV”, or “The Chibi Project” and do not imply any association with us, our AnimeCons TV podcast, or our or web sites.

If you don’t run a convention yourself and would like your local convention to invite us as guests, contact your local convention’s organizers and tell them you want us at their convention. Send them our URL ( in e-mail. Post your request in their forum, on their Facebook page, and mention their @username on Twitter. Get your friends to help drum up support too. (To find a con near you, check