Anime Unscripted Appearances
Anime Unscripted has been held at the following conventions:

  • Mikkakan 2001
    with Tristan MacAvery, Neil Nadelman, and John Barrett
  • Anime Boston 2003
    with Ted Cole, Tiffany Grant, Kirby Morrow, and Brad Swaile
  • Bakuretsu Con 2003
  • Anime Boston 2004
    with Michael Coleman, Crispin Freeman, Lauren Goodnight, Lex Lang, and Monica Rial
  • Bakuretsu Con 2004
    with Tiffany Grant and Marc Matney
  • Nan Desu Kan 2004
    with Michael Coleman and Michael Dobson
  • Anime Boston 2005
    with Greg Ayres, Cynthia Martinez, Scott McNeil, and Chris Patton
  • PortConMaine 2005
  • Bakuretsu Con 2005
  • TsubasaCon 2005
  • Animaritime 2006
  • Anime Boston 2006
    with Steve Blum, Richard Epcar, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, and Vic Mignogna
  • PortConMaine 2006
  • Another Anime Convention 2006
  • Bakuretsu Con 2006
  • Anime Boston 2007
    with Greg Ayres, Luci Christian, and Mike McFarland
  • PortConMaine 2007
    with Mike McFarland, Sketch, and Jekka Cormier
  • ConnectiCon 2007
    with Kevin McKeever, Vic Mignogna, and Carrie Savage
  • Another Anime Convention 2007
    hosted by PatrickD and Jekka Cormier
  • Bakuretsu Con 2007
    with Tiffany Grant and Steve Bennett
  • Anime Boston 2008
    with Chris Ayres, Greg Ayres, Aaron Dismuke, and Monica Rial
  • PortConMaine 2008
    with Michele Knotz, Bill Rogers, Sketch, and Jekka Cormier
  • ConnectiCon 2008
    with Michele Knotz and Sketch
  • San Japan 1.5
    with Hannah Alcorn, Chris Ayres, Tiffany Grant, Josh Grelle, Samantha Inoue-Harte, Vic Mignogna, and Carli Mosier
  • Providence Anime Conference 2008
    with Chris Ayres, Kevin McKeever, Sketch, and Jekka Cormier
  • Bakuretsu Con 2008
    two performances
  • Anime Boston 2009
    with Chris Ayres, Greg Ayres, Troy Baker, and Jekka Cormier
  • PortConMaine 2009
    with Tiffany Grant, Samantha Inoue-Harte, Jekka Cormier, and Sketch
  • ConnectiCon 2009
    with Cristina Vee, Shiva, Sketch, and Steven D.
  • Bakuretsu Con 2009
    two performances
  • Anime Boston 2010
    with Chris Ayres, Greg Ayres, Josh Grelle, Carli Mosier, and J. Michael Tatum
  • PortConMaine 2010
    hosted by Jekka Cormier
  • Connecticon 2010
    with Bill Rogers and Michele Knotz
  • Anime Boston 2011
    with Chris Ayres, J. Michael Tatum, Brina Palencia, and Sean Schemmel
  • PortConMaine 2011
    with Chris Ayres, J. Michael Tatum, Sketch, Jekka Cormier, and Luke Morgan
  • ConnectiCon 2011
    with Jon St. John, Cristina Vee, Shiva, and Sketch
  • Anime Boston 2012
    with Chris Ayres, Greg Ayres, Carli Mosier, and Keith Silverstein
  • BAMCon 2012
    with Greggo, Elizabeth O'Malley, and Gale
  • PortConMaine 2012
    with Brian Brushwood, Joel McDonald, Sketch, Elizabeth O'Malley, and Jekka Cormier
  • ConnectiCon 2012
    with Jim Cummings, Jon St. John, Danielle McRae, and Amanda Winn-Lee
  • AnimeIowa 2012
    with Chris Ayres, Greg Ayres, Terri Doty, Josh Grelle, and Brittney Karbowski
  • Dragon*Con 2012
    Powerpoint Roulette was presented during NSFW with George Hrab, Tom Merritt, Veronica Belmont, Justin Robert Young, and Brian Brushwood
  • Bakuretsu Con 2012
    with Terri Doty and Scott A. Melzer
  • Anime Boston 2013
    with Chris Ayres, Jekka Cormier, Shamus Mahan, and Todd Cochran
  • PortConMaine 2013
    with Cherami Leigh, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Gale, and Elizabeth O'Malley
  • TWiT New Year's Eve Celebration 2014
    with Justin Robert Young, Ashley Paramore, Wil Harris, and Wes Wilson
  • Anime Boston 2014
    with John Stocker, Cristina Vee, Patrick Seitz, and Matt Mercer
  • PortConMaine 2014
    with ?
  • Anime Boston 2015
    with Mona Marshall, Ellyn Stern, Jekka Cormier, Todd Cochran, and Greg Ayres
  • PortConMaine 2015
    with Jekka Cormier, Elizabeth O'Malley, Sketch, and Shiva
  • San Japan 2015
    with Brett Weaver, Kieran Strange, Lisa Ortiz, and Greg Wicker
  • Anime Boston 2016
    with Greg Ayres, Carrie Keranen, Erica Lindbeck, and Monica Rial
  • PortConMaine 2016
  • Anime Boston 2017
    with Lex Lang, Sandy Fox, Brina Palencia, and Lisa Ortiz
  • PortConMaine 2017
  • Anime Boston 2018
    with Monica Rial, Greg Ayres, Kaiji Tang, and Caitlynn French

Anime Unscripted will also be held at these future conventions:

  • Anime Boston 2019
    with Kara Edwards, Billy Kametz, Richard Epcar, and Ellyn Stern