Who We Are
Patrick Delahanty
Patrick is the founder of The Chibi Project and responsible for conducting nearly all of the experiments featured on the site. He is also the webmaster of AnimeCons.com and co-founder of Anime Boston and Providence Anime Conference. He held his first Anime Unscripted event (then called "Whose Line is it Anime?") at Mikkakan in 2001 and has run it at many other conventions since then.

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Jekka Cormier
Jekka is the writer and creator of the webcomic Seraphic. In the fall of 2006, she joined The Chibi Project as co-host of the podcast and one of the scientists responsible for conducting experiments on anime toys. In 2007, she began assisting Patrick with Anime Unscripted, eventually becoming co-host of the show. She is also host of Hyakunin Kuizu, a Family Feud-style game show with an anime twist.

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