About Hyakunin Kuizu
To put it simply, Hyakunin Kuizu is what we call our anime version of Family Feud. It's an entertaining and engaging game show event that we host at anime conventions around the country.

Hyakunin Kuizu means "Hundred Person Quiz" and is derived from the Japanese name for Family Feud, Kuizu Hyakunin ni Kikimashita (Asked 100 People Quiz). That name was way too long and people couldn't remember it, so we shortened it for our version.

If you've seen Family Feud then it's essentially the same thing, but focused on anime, manga, video games, and other things that anime fans enjoy. We survey 100 people online ahead of time and ask them to answer some questions. Then we sort out the answers, throw out questions that didn't survey well, and get ready for the convention. At the convention, we have two teams of five people going against each other at one time. The teams need to guess the top survey responses. With each survey answer that they guess, they earn a point for each survey percentage percentage. Whichever team has more points in the end wins.

For Hyakunin Kuizu, we've got "the big board" where the survey responses appear and we've got the buzzers to determine who goes first. All we need is more conventions where we can hold the event. Why not yours?

Hyakunin Kuizu is hosted by Jekka Cormier. PatrickD runs the board from backstage. Learn more about them on our "Who We Are" page.

Jekka and PatrickD first ran Hyakunin Kuizu at Bakuretsu Con 2007. You can find a seven-part fan video (not recorded by us) at YouTube. (It's not bad for our first time running the event!) We have since run it at a number of conventions including Anime Boston and Providence Anime Conference.

A clip from Hyakunin Kuizu at Bakuretsu Con 2007