About The Chibi Project - LIVE!
The Chibi Project is a web site started in 1999 that conducts odd, yet humorous experiments on anime toys. The site was created by PatrickD and a team of other dedicated, yet slightly insane staff members. In each experiment, an anime toy is subjected to an experiment such as setting it on fire, running it over with a train, placing it under a rocket, or crushing it with a DeLorean.

In 2003, The Chibi Project started doing live convention appearances featuring video footage from past experiments and occasionally a live experiment. Video footage from some of these experiments is also posted online in The Chibi Project Podcast. Each podcast episode is hosted by PatrickD and Jekka.

Any convention that compensates The Chibi Project for travel to the event will guarantee a new experiment featured during the panel. In some cases where international customs, airline restrictions, or our own schedule prevents us from doing a live experiment, we may show the premiere of a pre-taped experiment. However, we strive to provide a live and in person expermient whenever possible.

The Chibi Project will always record a podcast episode at a convention during "The Chibi Project - LIVE!" when both PatrickD and Jekka are there. If only one is there, we cannot record a new podcast episode.

You can find out more...so much more...at The Chibi Project web site. There is also a FAQ for Conventions there that explains things quite well.

The Chibi Project - LIVE! at Anime Boston 2009