About "All About Anime Cons"
Patrick Delahanty is the founder and webmaster of AnimeCons.com, one of the founders of both Anime Boston and Providence Anime Conference, and an attendee of over 50 conventions. He has put together an presentation on anime conventions that covers what's involved in creating one, trends of the anime convention scene, and why you should never ever start one if you want your family and friends to keep talking to you.

During the 60 minute panel, Patrick discusses how to get a convention off the ground, how to find staff to help, and why CLAMP's appearance at Anime Expo made things hard for every other convention out there. Other convention chairmen (or former chairmen) are invited to join the panel and share their experiences as well. There are always plenty of stories to tell (like the time this panel was scheduled in a room with no chairs to sit on!)

The panel has been found to be quite informative to anyone who is thinking of planning a convention, wonders how conventions are planned, or to those who have attended many conventions and have their own stories to share.